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Perun Mosfet V2 Optical Front Wired

€ 79,90 (incl. btw)


Use of a microcontroller enhances capabilities of your airsoft gun by providing possibility to set any combination of the following firing modes under "SEMI" and "AUTO" selector positions independently:
- safe
- semi-automatic
- 2 to 5 round burst
- full-automatic
Programming of all of the settings, not only firing modes but also switching active brake, precocking and battery protection on and off is done solely by using easily memorable sequences of fire selector switching and trigger pulls. That allows changing the settings at any moment in a matter of seconds, even under enemy fire.

One of the most important features of Perun V2 Optical is precocking. Fast trigger response can be a matter of victory or defeat, especially in CQB situations. With precocking enabled, piston will remain in rear position after each shot with spring already compressed, ensuring that next shot will be fired immediately after you pull the trigger. Microcontroller uses data from optical sensor to calculate current sector gear position and speed. With this information, after releasing the trigger, smart algorithms are able to transfer only enough power to the motor to make the piston stop in the correct position, or in high ROF setups, to let the motor inertia push the piston back and stop it using active breaking right. This saves your battery and reduces motor wear. Precocking works in semi, burst and full-automatic modes.

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